Create Your Own Wealth

Pinned ImageExcuse #7 : I can’t afford it.

Of course I save for last the excuse I’ve used the most. For so long I carried it around in my arsenal of excuses holding me back from my truest life. Ready to fire at will, to take down my dreams and new experiences. Growing up, money could be tight, I was not that spoiled brat, showered with whatever I wanted. I wouldn’t change this, it built character. It created me. It made me look for wealth in other places. It allowed me to seek and discover fulfillment through relationships, through myself. It allowed me to connect. To find alternative richness in life.

With money, though, I have to remember (and keep the thought) that I am connected to an infinite Source. Just like opportunity, it is abundant. Be aware Brittany. But also fill up on life. Find joy in simplicity. A hike in the woods. Hugs from my nephews on my birthday. A smile from a client. Watching Tangled with my mom. A tattered book from the library resting in my lap on an overcast day. Shopping sprees, fancy restaurants, extravagance, I don’t need it. I don’t have to try to live up to the lifestyle of others. To fit an image of success. Of how life should be. To live up to the Jones’s.

Yesterday was the biggest Power Ball in history. Talking about the craziness, with clients, you can see that money can change people. The desire for money can change us. Like when we have money (or like when we are ‘skinny’) we will magically be happy. We’ll have all we could ever imagine. Are the richest people in the world the happiest? They have problems just like the rest of us. Money, fame, notoriety is not a miraculous fixer. Just like if you lose weight but don’t change your thoughts. You’re surrounded by wealth or rocking a new body, but you are still the same.

Focus on your thoughts. On being better. See abundance. Feel it. Take chances. Live life to the fullest. Find your own richness. Create your own wealth. If it turns up monetarily, still focus on your thoughts. On being the highest, truest, best version of yourself.

Dr. Dyer Affirmation: I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance.


3 thoughts on “Create Your Own Wealth

  1. Amazing! We are on the same wavelength. As the Intuitive in Boulder told me just last week, “When you focus on love, positive, abundance, peace, happiness, and all good things, it raises the vibration for everyone.” I love how I am connecting this week with so many others who are “aware” and are making a positive impact in our world. Hugs!

    • Thanks cousin! I’d been meaning to read your stuff ever since grandma told me we have a lot in common and she is absolutely right. Your sight and writing is beautiful. Plus reading/listening to Dr Dyer has forever changed the way I think, which I am so thankful for. Hopefully I will meet you at tge next reunion. Return hugs and keep up the inspiring thoughts and writing, helping to create a better world!

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