Write Your Own History

Pinned ImageExcuse #16: It’s not my personal family history.

This one challenged me, I struggled to see how this applied me and my experience. Moving away, I finally discovered how this fit. I love Indiana and my Dreher family, but the safety I mentioned (and conditioning) yesterday is prevalent. Small town, family centered. Raised next to my family. Surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, love was abundant. But it stays there.

I am the first Dreher to move put some distance between myself and the Hoosier state (actually from Terre Haute), so moving was a BIG deal to me. Leaving so many pieces of me behind. But running into a man who’d spent 1/4 of his life in 4 different locations. Not to mention all the Armed Forces brats I’ve run into, I see that for many moving is a common occurrence. Roots and family are so much a part of my early experience.

Staying in Indiana, living here is easy. Moving away and staying true to writing my own myth, took me out of my conditioned comfort zone. But I’ve done it. I can do it. I can write my own history. It may not be my family history, but what I’ve also realized is that they are always with me. In my conditioning, engrained in my story, encapsulated in my spirit.

Create your own history.

Dr. Dyer Affirmation:  I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.


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