Celebrating YOU

As a child birthdays are exciting. Fillled with parties, presents and praise. Reaching my quarter century mark, the excitement is there but like always the perspective has changed. Four years ago when I was 21, a birthday was an excuse to drink too much and over celebrate someone else’s occasion (whether we knew them or not). Now I see birthdays as a representation of life. Much like Thursday’s post on thanks, I try to live each day to the fullest in the moment. But a day designated to amp up the bar for life love, is greedily taken.

Yesterday was my birthday. A day I can take to celebrate not only life, but my life. To look back and read a few chapters of my life story. To reflect on the people and experiences that have brought me to where I am today. To think: is there anything I want to change? Where do I see myself at 26? What direction do I want to take? Where does my purpose lead?

Now is the time to reflect, look forward, and enjoy today’s moments all in one. Time to set goals to make sure I’m headed toward my potential. To be thankful yet again for all the beautiful people who fill the pages of my book, and wall of my facebook and texts on my phone.

It allows me to think how I want to treat others on their birthdays. It is their day. Celebrating them. Note: treat them like a king or queen on that day. That they are the most important person in world, at that moment. That their birth, their life and their story matters. That it matters to you.

Birthdays are not just a mark up of numbers, it’s a reminder. A celebration. Of life. Of your life. Keep writing your story!


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