Making it Easy

Excuse #1: It will be difficult.

My mother is a great cheerleader. She loves me as is. Believes in me in my doubting moments. Let’s me live my life with minimal interference (hello she let me take off across the country by myself to couch surf). Occasionally though she has that parental tick to take worry about me. Mom I’m moving into a shed. Although she did come back hours later and say she was wrong to give an opinion, she initially doubted my survival. It will be hard. Wednesday morning was task was to butcher two deer. I’ve been raised around this my entire life. Since I was a young girl I’ve assisted my brother with the endeavor by holding the deer place. Last year my dad decided to take me under his tutelage and instruct me on how to do it myself. So I have butchered a deer by myself once and that was with assistance, over a year ago. She frantically called my brother the next morning, your sister needs your help butchering this deer.

The thing with me is, tell me something hard and I’m ready to go. Like a challenge. I know longer entertain the idea that I can’t do. That it will be difficult. I rock it out. Not only do I butcher both deer, but I put jerky on for my mom and a week’s worth of stew in the crock pot. Even though it annoyed me at the time, my dad used to say: what’s the opposite of hard? Easy, I keep the thought that it is easy. Focus on that.

Just like when my friends came to visit me and went hiking in the snow. When we came back down a woman looked down at my fivefingers and asked, ‘aren’t you cold?’ Only if I sit around and think about it. Or like when you get just a tickle in your throat, how just thinking about how ‘sick’ you are has you in coughing fits within hours.

Nothing is too difficult. Embrace the challenge. Believe in your genius. In your greatness. In your extraordinariness. Believe in yourself. Get it done and don’t let ‘hard’ obstacles keep you back. Rock it!

Dr. Dyer:  I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.


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