Just Ask

Excuse #8: No one will help me.

Watching my nephew knocking things out of his way to jump up and reach his juice, I told him ‘Trenton I got your back dude, just ask man.’ He is notorious for claiming ‘I do it myself.’ I am reminded of myself. Of this excuse. Talking with dad yesterday, ‘Why don’t you just ask me for help.’ Granted stubbornness is something I’m working on, I don’t believe I’m the only one (as Trenton demonstrates) who suffers from the yearning to prove ourselves. Survival of the fittest. We’re alone. It’s us against the world. fiercely independent. Revved up to prove ourselves. To show our self-sufficiency. That we don’t need help. Only we can do it- I admit this I’ve struggled with. Wanting to control the outcome of vision. Believing no one can help. Can know what I’m thinking. It’s mine and I’ll do it.

Oy, what a headstrong little thing I can be at times! So I’ve been practicing. Asking for help. Being honest. Seeing and feeling the abundance of people, of intelligence, of potential around me. Grandma I need your creative prowess, how should I style this stew I made for a blog so it looks appealing because it does truly taste wonderful but it is not currently attractive. Mom it’s harder for me here, with all this abundance of food to want to eat more than I have been. Hold me accountable. I may need help.

Every instance they are ready to help. They want to help me be better. But I have to get over the thought that I am alone. Or over the thought that I have to do it. That I have to prove myself. That I must persistently be alone. That I let my stubbornness overwhelm me. Abundance. Key word when the excuse arises that no one will help. They will do the best they can. Ask. Allow.

Dr. Dyer: The right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.


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