Trusting Yourself

Excuse #9: It has never happened before.

I have never stood on my hands. I can’t. I told these things because I’d never done it before. I grew up assuming then I it couldn’t happen because it had never happened. It’s kind of like when a child says they don’t tuna, even though they have never eaten it. If you’ve never tried, how do you know the outcome?

Core Power must have really wanted my bright shining face in yoga because they kept offering me free weeks of yoga. Crow. In class I dreaded the build-up for crow. The thoughts crept in. You can’t do it. You never have. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust my strength. I didn’t trust my ability to do it. I was focused on everyone else. Standing on their handsĀ and performing mind-blowing poses. They’ve been practicing, I haven’t I’ll watch and weakly attempt to stand there.

What if you fall down in class? That question is deep-rooted in this. But really it is hidden in many life scenarios as: what if I fail. Again I have to remind myself that there is no such thing as failing. This is my story. There is no right way I’m supposed to live. There is no way I have to live. I am not restrained. I am not limited. I am not an actress in someone else’s play. This is my life. My experience. All these potential failures are opportunities to learn to grow. In fearing failure, we fear change. We hold ourselves back. We never reach new heights. We never grasp our potential.

So when Gavin was sick the other day I decided to do some of what I’d learned in class. When I got to the crow, I just did it. I trusted myself. I let go of the thought that I’d fall or fail. I believed in myself. I knew I could do it. It didn’t matter that I never had before. Today was a new day. This was a new moment. My moment. This was a new practice. This was the crow right NOW.

Dr Dyer: I am willing to attract all that I desire, beginning here and now

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