Becoming Undefinable

Excuse #6:  It’s not my nature.

Hmm…comfort zones and character. I’ve explored these extensively in the past. I’ve exploited them in my life. I intentionally seek out adventures or tasks to take me out of my comfort zone. To debunk this character of Brittany. Who she is. The definition. The labels. The guaranteed reaction. Pushing myself to do things I had thought would ‘never’ happen.

Any moment we can redefine ourselves. There is no certain way we have to be. We can change. Just because it is different from how we have always been, does not mean we can’t attain or go after it.

I can’t….I’ve never….I don’t usually…..I’ve always been this way…..all limitations. All part of the reality we create for ourselves if we believe them. We can change. Change the intention. Change the thought. Change our conditioned nature.

Challenge what is comfortable. Challenge your character. Do something new. For me I think the first time I caught myself using this one and when I changed was when I hitchhiked. I got in the car and the first thing I said was, ‘this is so out of character for me, never would I have imagined this happening.’ Right after this escaped my mouth I realized that I had created this. This scared person, unwilling to take risks. Who liked safety and hiding. I had let myself become that person. But I can change it. After that I began tearing down the walls of my nature. Changing at any time. Pushing limits. Reaching new heights.

Become undefinable. Don’t limit your life experience because you have always been a certain way. Let go of your defined self and become your true self.

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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