Believing in Your Own Genius

Some of my artwork

Excuse #11: I am not smart enough

I honestly have to say that I have never used this excuse. Being told I was smart, I always believed my learning capabilities had no boundaries. However, I think that really this excuse is one of not being good enough, or in comparing ourselves to one another. For me this excuse would apply to art. Growing up I enjoyed drawing. I was skillful at looking at something (portraits are my specialty) and bringing it to life on paper. ‘Why don’t you become an artist?’ was a question I was frequently prompted with growing up. Naturally I would give other excuses like: I only do it when I feel like it. Really the underlying cause was fear.

To myself I would think: there are so many people out there that can draw better than me, I can’t be an artist. I compared myself to others, just like we do when we devalue ourselves and exclaim we are not smart enough. Now I realize how silly this was. Art is an expression. An expression of our own creativity, our own emotions, an extension of the individual. It is not about someone being better. The beauty of art comes in the differentiations (just like people). That no two paintings or sketches are the same. That two people can look upon the same object and project two separate perspectives. Art evokes a reaction. Puzzlement, awe, lust, sadness. It is not about being right or wrong or better. Interpretations are open to everyone. Everyone may have a different take. It can elicit a different response from everyone.

So thinking we are not smart enough is really like saying we are not good enough. We put up a wall of limits. Making it harder for us to live our potential because now we have to scale this giant wall.  What if we just expressed ourselves? What if we just believed? Behold your own inner genius.

And like Dyer’s affirmation: I am a creation of the Divine mind: al is perfect, and I am a genius in my own right.

Take control and believe in your own genius.


One thought on “Believing in Your Own Genius

  1. Nice post. I know I have that problem as well. I know I am capable of many things, but fear and lack of self confidence has held me back quite often. It still holds me back here and there, but slowly I am over coming these fears and lack of self confidence. Keep up the good work.

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