I Don’t Have Enoug Energy

Excuse #15: I don’t have the energy.

This excuse I definitely see as a limited thought. As an enthusiastic individual that wakes up and hits the ground running ready to face the day and live a little, a ‘lack’ of energy is a waste of breathe, time, and living potential.

Food: we believe that food gives us energy. Notice believe here? Anyways, most of us burn off sugars and carbohydrates and we experience highs and lows throughout the day because we have to keep in taking sugars to fuel our bodies. I am a fat-burner. I run off fat. It’s constant and when I burn through my ingested fat intake, it takes from the fat on my body. I believe this. My energy is even, there are no ups and downs. My muscle tissue stays the same, my strength is increasing, I’m getting faster.

I have hiked Pikes Peak and back down (that’s a hiking marathon), without eating ‘breakfast’. Most go into endurance training with carb-load meals, they have to have the sugar. But I can hike 11 hours and 26 miles round trip without it and there are no changes to my energy levels. Hell I have more energy and the last time I hiked I took an hour off of my time.

Sure this is a physical explanation, but part of it is mental as well. I was thinking of the experience. The climb. The summit. The adventure. I’m thinking I need more energy. I pick it up and believe in myself. In the energy radiating from me.

You will never hear me say I am tired. Sure if I don’t get enough sleep I may say my body wants rests (because it does  it wants to recharge and restore), but I never have the thought that I am ‘tired’. Ever noticed when you’re tired, but something exciting pops up “Hey do you want to go see this band with me?” How often do we turn it down? How often do we perk up and miraculously we are not ‘tired’ anymore?

Hmm…tired is a self-inflicted limitation. It holds us back from life. From getting the most of our life experience. From fun and adventure. From new opportunities. From change. Not having energy in my mind is bull shit. Sorry for the language but I tend to be a passionate all-be bluntly honest individual. I’ll use another excuse here: I don’t have time to be tired because I’m too busy living.

Change your thoughts. I am oozing energy and I can accomplish any task I set my mind to. Drop the tired and live your life!

Dr. Dyer: I feel passionately about my life, and this passion fills me with excitement and energy.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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