I Am Strong

I am not strong enough.

Strength is what I do. It is what I teach. I have lifted weights since the age of 10. Something I’ve learned is that strength is more than sheer physical prowess. Strength can be found in emotions, in mentality. It took me 3 months to move up from doing a 70 lbs Turkish Get-Up to doing an 80 lbs one. Why three months? Was I really not strong enough yet to lift the 80 pounder?

No I was not mentally there. I told myself, ‘Hey this is heavy.’ I felt the weight compounding on my arm, I felt the bell resting uncomfortably on my forearm. I visualized it just toppling over. Three months later I snapped out of this. I told myself, ‘Brittany you are strong. This 80 lbs is not heavy, so stop playing around and just lift it already.’ Result: I powered it up like it weighed only 60 lbs. See how mental strength is just as important as physical?

The last few months’ life has happened. I’ve faced tests and set-backs. Every time I got the urge to (okay maybe sometimes I started one too) to have a pity party, I stopped. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I told myself and believed: you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. So I stopped feeling weak, letting the challenge beat me. I cleared my head and found solutions. I recentered and found joy. I put a smile on my face, because


BE, Love, Illuminate,



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