Dear Self

Dear Brittany,

I love you. I may not say it enough, but it’s true. I think you’re perfect. You’re beautiful. You’re smart.You’re healthy. You’re passionate and on your own path. I love your thoughts. I love your enthusiasm for life.

Thank you.  Thank you taking the time to get to know me. To discover me. To work on being better. For being good. Thank you for seeing me.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I haven’t always loved you. That I haven’t always treated you with respect. That I haven’t appreciated you. That I haven’t always appreciated and lived life to the fullest. I’m sorry for the times I’ve fought with you. For the times I’ve put you down instead of building you up.

I promise (am committed) to practice my new thoughts. To love you unconditionally for always from now on. I promise to keep the peace and hold the fighting at bay. I promise to accept you. To let you shine. To be thankful. I promise to practice letting this love spill out to everyone around me. Not to judge, but radiate.

With Infinite Love,



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