Overcoming Big Obstacles

Excuse # 14: It’s too big.

Losing weight can seem big. The total sum of weight desired to lose is daunting. When I came here I focused on being better. I had  to commit better. My eating could be better. My exercise routine could be better. I could still be healthier. So I’ve focused on eating the last three months. I’ve taken care of myself. I’ve done my best. I’ve changed.

I frequently hear in weight loss, fitness and health this excuse that it is too big. There is too much weight to lose. To big of a mountain to climb. We are disappointed when we lose only a pound because we have 30 total to lose and a pound seems insignificant in the grand scheme. So we are not satisfied. We sulk. We may quite or give up because it is easier not to try. It is easier to stay on the ground. It is easier to eat the foods that make us happy or to eat to much. It is easy to give an excuse and continue on with our habitual lives. It is easy to stay the same.

But an individual doesn’t lose 100 pounds by looking at the mountain. They don’t change their body or lifestyle by letting themselves get overwhelmed by the task. They focus small. They celebrate that pound. It is one step closer to their goal. They are moving up the mountain one step at a time. It’s not as daunting when you focus on the next step. When you focus on today. On this workout. On this meal. On this nights sleep. Nothing is too big or out of reach when you break it down. Dr. Dyer’s affirmation:

I think only about what I can do now. By thinking small, I accomplish great things.

Doing my best and focusing on each day has allowed me to move toward my goal. Focusing on each meal. Each pound lost, allowed me to be done 25. My thoughts are clear. My direction and path are clear. My focus is clear.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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