Valuing Time

Me and Dad focusing on time spent together

Excuse #17: I’m too busy.

Time, how my perspectives on time have evolved. How much I value it now. How conscious I am of how I spend it. Time is the greatest gift. Who cares about t-shirts from a state someone else visited that rat, age, and become used for cleaning or painting? We remember moments. We remember time spent together.

One of the reasons I stopped drinking was because it speeds up time. Why when our physical life experiences are temporary and unpredictable would I want to speed up time? Or not remember this time? I still enjoy going out with my friends and I don’t care if they drink, but for me just being with them is enough.

How do I spend my time? Do I do what brings me joy? Do I spend it living as I should? Doing what I’m supposed to?Being as I am expected to be? Do I spend it working a job that makes me money so that one day I can live? One day I will travel. One day I will relax. One day….One day… Until it is our last day and we are not ready to go. We want more time.

It’s too bad, that we are so busy working and making it happen that we miss the moments. We miss our kids recitals or we miss their first step or we miss their ballgame. We put time on hold with the thought or promise to use it later. But right now we are rushing rushing. We are just too busy.

When I get the thought that I need or should be doing something else, I think of time. Of how valuable the moment is. What a gift time is. Today is my last day in Colorado with my father, after that there will only ever be one of us here. We will no longer live together. He will not be there at my convenience anymore. What is important today? Not being too busy today to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m so glad I got this chance to have this experience with you’ or to go to the park and train with kettlebells together.

So often we are busy filling out our itinerary for the day, that we forget to live. We have scheduled ourselves into existing. Let go. If you’re going to be busy. Be busy living. Being thankful. Be enthusiastic.


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