Enjoy it! You Deserve It

When I first read Excuses Begone I initially dispelled #5: I don’t deserve. I honestly thought that was a silly excuse. But a few months ago I wrote a post because I realized that was a fear I had. That I am so willing to give all of myself and what I have to anyone else or the world, but I retract at having attention or love or gifts reciprocating. I would be in such awe that someone could feel the same way about me. That someone could be thinking of me. And so I added it to my nightly affirmations: I AM deserving of love, attention, success, wealth, of living my dreams.

This morning that excuse began to creep itself into my thought flow. Today is stunning in the Springs. Perfect temperatures in the 70’s. Sunny and clear skies. As I went for a quick walk this morning at the Garden of the Gods, I had a tinge of guilt. For being there walking. For the awesome weather. Thinking that I needed to be working or that I should be doing something else. I had to stop myself. What does Dyer say: I am a Divine creation, a piece of God. Therefore, I cannot be undeserving. Where am I supposed to be right now other than right here? What is so important and pressing to be done that I can not take a moment to live in awe and bewilderment (something else I picked up from Dyer) of the beauty surrounding me?

So I let go. I let go of the thought that I should be doing something else. I let go of the thought that I don’t deserve to be here enjoying this. Instead, I bring joy to the moment, to my life, to my experience. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity because I am worthy of this occasion, of this time, of this moment!

I AM connected to an infinite source, and am therefore deserving of attracting all good things into my life. Believe in that, believe in myself and keep my affirmations uplifted.


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