Creating Greatness

You are not what you feel. You are what you Believe!

I woke up to this text from my beautiful mother. Already at 7 am the thoughts were flowing. Thoughts of my nephews and conversations with my friend Tabitha to the post I wrote the other day on being Extraordinary. The first postcard I wrote to my nephews went something like this:

Dear Gavin and Trenton

Munchkins, I know that you are too young to fully know what is going on, but I wanted to get started. To give you something to remember me, maybe your mom will find something on Pinterest to store all my letters in. Right now, though, I wanted to tell you how great you both are. You are the greatest basketball players. The greatest archers. The most beautiful. You are great young men. Whatever you want in life, believe in your greatness and you will do great things. I love you both, you are the greatest nephews.

When my parents take the boys, they practice the same thing. Letting the boys be themselves, telling them how great they are. I remember having a walk and talk with my mom before I left, “sometimes your father and I wonder what it’d be like if we would have raised you differently. If we treated you like we treat the boys.” I guess that’s the beauty of grandchildren= growth. Honestly we wouldn’t be ourselves if they had thought differently. Our own greatness was something we had to discover and hold on our own.

Fast Forward to a conversation with my beautiful friend Tabitha. Not sure what we were talking about, but I told her I was a freaking genius (although I didn’t exclaim my belief that we are all capable geniuses). ‘Little humble there aren’t we?’ It’s not about arrogance, it’s about believing in yourself. ‘Tab if I don’t believe I’m great, who the hell else is going to believe it?’

Thoughts are so unbelievably powerful. Growing up everyone always told me how smart I was. Because everyone told me I believed it was true. I breezed through school. I didn’t have to study, I could have majored in anything in college. Easy, school was easy. Was I really smarter than the person sitting next to me? If I had instead been raised being told I was stupid, would school have been harder? Hmm… we have to be careful telling people ‘what they are.’ Because that is what we become. If we entertain that idea that we are stupid or fat or worthless or unworthy, that is how we’re likely to view ourselves. We place limits on ourselves We are conditioned with limitations.

Why don’t we believe we’re awesome. That we kick ass and take names. That I rock at life. I’m a freaking genius. I’m beautiful. I’m funny. I’m a great cook. I’m great wife. Husband. Daughter. I am a great person. I am a hiking god. And so on. Muhammad Ali said he was greatest, not because he was cocky, but because he believed it. Who today doesn’t know his name. Does this mean we will always be the best at something? That we will always win? No, but it’s about retaining the idea that we are great. That we give 100% to everything. That we are the best that we can be. Then we can live an extraordinary life full of potential. Devoid of regret and mistakes. Make the most of your life experience. Make the most of your thoughts. Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself and affirm what you want to be. Be your best thoughts.

Change your thoughts change your life. Change your thoughts change your body. Change your thoughts change your experience. Change your thoughts change others. Change your community. Change your nation. Change the world!

Bad thoughts are just as powerful. Thoughts of hate or judgement. Focus then on creating and radiating positive thoughts onto others. Letting them know their own greatness and potential. Tell someone they’re beautiful. Or smart. Or radiant. Tell yourself.

My response to mom’s text? Well It’s a good thing I think I’m freaking awesome!

You are great.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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