You Are Extraordinary!

You. Yes you. You checking your email, flipping through your newsfeed. Behind your computer, behind your phone. You are full of infinite potential. You are extraordinary.

I’ve thought about being extraordinary before. I first read it in Dyer, and then I saw it at yoga, and most recently with my cousin Jacki. But then you have an experience. An experience when it clicks. When you embody it. When you truly understand what it means. You feel. You taste it. It consumes you. This week I set a goal:

October 17, 2012 is the day I hike up Pikes Peak and back down. Not only that, but I will climb to the top in 6 hours.

I have hiked Pikes Peak twice previously, both of those times it took me over 7 hours, so this goal is high. All the previous times I would feel 3-4 miles from the top. I’d hit that wall, my body was one giant ache. No longer would I be in my inspirational thought flow. I was just putting one foot in front of the other. Yesterday I reached the marker indicating 3 miles to the summit and I was soaring. I thought to myself: you got this, this is a breeze. There was no soreness, my thoughts were rocking, and I increased pace. The winds begin to gust like crazy, leaving me staggering backwards (like you’d probably have seen a 21 year old Brittany do). But I pushed on. I was doing better because my mindset was better. Because I’d already told myself I was making it to the top no matter what. Because I was committed. Because I believed in myself. Boom-belief this was the catalyst to this post.

Less than 2 miles from the top I begin to encounter heavier spots of snow and ice. A mile and a half from the top I run into the first people I’d seen since I’d come across the morning runners early on in my trek. I was the first person they’d seen, but they were also starting from basecamp halfway up the mountain. As I continue my journey I realize: Brittany you are the only person today to hike from bottom to summit (and my lack of hikers passed on my way down solidifies it). As I plummet through snow piles, devoid of footprints, I am further reassured, as I dive my foot in (up to my knees in snow) and make the first print in the untouched snow. I slide and slip all over the place but at 1:30; six hours after I started I reach the top. Me, little 5’3” unassuming Brittany from Indiana in five-finger shoes and a Nirvana tee am the first person to summit the mountain on October 17th and I am the only person to hike it in its entirety.  I met my goal. In spite of strong winds, snow and ice I made it up an hour faster than I ever have. Because I believed in myself. Because 1 mile from the top I realized:

We are all brimming with potential. If we believe in ourselves, we are capable of extraordinary things.

So yes, you (as well as myself) are extraordinary. Believe in yourself.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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