What If?

What if? I love this question. My friends and I play a little game with this:

What if you were an animal, which animal would you be?

This would be a warm-up questions, from there it gets either ridiculous or probing and deeper.

If you could live your dreams, what would they be?

Last month I went to a festival titled: What if! about innovation. My favorite part was the chalkboard side-walk art, provoking the question of what  if. This got the wheels spinning of what if questions that I would ask.

What if there was no fear?

What if we lived our dreams?

What if we loved everyone?

What if we followed our purpose?

What if there was peace?

What if we didn’t judge one another?

What if we were generous and giving?

The list of possible what if questions are infinite. But I can start off each day with a question. What if today were my last day? How would I live? See where it takes you from there because living from the what if can set you up to see the vast array of opportunities and possibilities that life has to offer.


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