The Big Picture

Sometimes we (myself included) get lost or trapped in our own world. In our own thought patterns. We think of what is going wrong. What’s missing. What we need in our lives! When I feel this way, when I’m thinking about finances or that dad is driving me nuts or that I don’t have something, life sends to me a sign. You’ll never see the sign with your head down, though (awareness is the word).

One day when I was questioning myself and worrying (having a moment is what I usually say), I was given this sign. So beautiful and breathtaking, I dropped my phone in awe. I was humbled. How small the ‘problems’ of little Brittany Paulin were. How big and grand and generous nature is. WAKE UP it says! Look around, at all the wonderfulness that surrounds. All the great people. All the gifts (just the gift of breathing and living). All of a sudden I go from moppy to overwhelmed with gratitude at the sheer amount that I do have and the potential of what I could have. But I had to have my head up. I had to approach at the right angle to get this view. Cars flying past me, they didn’t see this. They didn’t feel this.

Sometimes the humbling sensation of feeling small and the powerful aspect of the bigger world and picture outside of yourself is where the value is. I stood there and literally wept as I beheld its majesty.

Take a step back from your life: worries, fears, thoughts, loss, etc. to remember what you have. See the bigger picture, feel the infinite abundance around. Feel small and be humble.

Keep your head up for life signs!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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