Fear Free Friday

Pinned ImageI’ve wanted to do a fearfree Friday for a while and this morning on my crisp October hike the thoughts and the post began to flow. Fears, we all have them. I’ve talked about some of mine, how I’ve made it a hobby to discover and deactivate the fear bombs in my life. Some are easy to see, like fear of heights or snakes. Others are carefully tucked away, hidden and concealed in the conditioning and memes of my youth. These range from feelings that I am undeserving to fear of love, fear of self. I think that the thing I am most afraid of is:

Fear of merely existing.

I’m afraid of just going through steps and the motions. Of letting life be recurring habits. Of never-changing. Of never seeing the world. Of never living up to my potential or fulfilling my purpose. Of not embracing life, the world and all it has to offer. Of limiting myself and my capabilities because I think I need to be a certain way, or that I should be behaving a certain way. That I act as the character of Brittany that I’ve created over time, rather than being my true self. That I’ll let what others are thinking get the way of my pushing the boundaries. Of holding back.

So today I challenge myself (and anyone who reads this) to be fearless today. Start by just uncovering the fear. Being aware and acknowledging its presence. Now go against. Change, don’t let it control you. This morning I set out, smile on face and ready to go. It’s cool and overcast. I bundle up in tight fleece- first expultion of fear as baggy clothes are a habit of concealing my body from the world when I’d wanted to stay hidden and invisible- with my in your face furry ear muffs (granted people were cooing at me like a dog and exclaiming how cute I am, but at 5’3″, a little shoulder shrug and mischievous/naive/innocent smile this reaction is warranted). To say hello and vocalize the brilliance of the day. Feeling the gratitude for warm coffee as it warms my body flowing down and igniting my heart as well. Pushing my legs on the trail, higher I climb, happier my thoughts get, the more genuine my smile becomes, the more effortless the pleasantries of running into other hikers become, the more my creativity stretches its huge muscles, the more inspired my thoughts become, the mor the fear goes away. The lesser the fear, the greater the experience, thoughts and life.

See the fear, feel the fear, expel the fear. Happy Fear Free Friday!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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