Making a Commitment

I wrote this post for work tomorrow, but I really liked it and thought it’d be appropriate to share it here as well!

Today really isn’t about love and marriage, but this picture is sweet and for many marriage is the concept they think of when they think commitment. I wasn’t sure what to write this morning and I’ve been off on a bit of inspiration lately, but you can’t change your body without evaluating your yourself and your thoughts. You’ve got to dig deep. My father has always been a powerful inspiration to me (granted sometimes we drive each other nuts), but lately he has taught me about commitment. While dabbling on my Pinterest this morning to distract myself for 30 minutes away from work, I looked at my Love board. Deep down I am a true nostalgic romantic, even though I am perpetually single and enjoy my independence, I am drawn to love. Part of my life philosophy is to love everyone (therefore it doesn’t bother me, nor am I in a rush to go actively seek anyone because I’ve got you know billions of potential people to love). Plus I have great examples of love around: both my sets of grandparents have been married over 50 years, my parents have been married over 30 years, my sister and brother are in wonderful wedlock bliss now too. But sometimes the hardest thing can be to love yourself. Sometimes we focus so much on making others happy that we neglect the commitment to ourselves. Like my father has instilled in me commitment=love. When we let our bodies go, have we lost or waned on our commitment to ourselves? Why do so many people get divorced? Because they lose commitment? Because they are no longer committed to themselves? I don’t know, I can’t judge it. Each situation and person is different and you don’t know the circumstances that create something. You don’t know others thoughts or feelings or the daily going-ons in their life. Therefore, I can only relate my own experience.

I used not to love myself (and I still of moments were there is a hitch in my commitment to myself). I used to struggle. Struggle with my body. With my thoughts. With staying inspired and thinking/being positive. I used to live in fear and give excuses (on a smaller scale now, I find a fear-free existence is a great goal, but  one that may take a life time, it’s easy to relapse). Part of the reason (not only, humans have so much depth that there are always several roots to any decision) I quit drinking was because I didn’t like myself when I was drunk, period. It was not me and I didn’t want it anymore. So two years ago I stopped drinking, simplified my life and began focusing on reconnecting with Brittany. Making a commitment to myself. To be happy. To judge myself less. To focus on my thoughts and being better. Lately (with my dad’s help), I have recommitted my love to my body. And you know what’s happened? It has responded back with love (just like people do. I find it hard not to like/love someone when they’re giving you their whole heart).

But losing weight and being healthy is just like a marriage and any other commitment. Somedays you fight, sometimes its harder. Sometimes you question the commitment. But just like a relationship, each day you have to focus on your commitment and make that promise and love to yourself. In the morning: I love myself. I love my body. I love to nourish my body. I am perfect health. I am committed to loving myself and my body. Reassert and focus on the commitment each morning. And as the day progresses and inspiration may drop, repeat it.

There will be ups and downs, but you can never give up. Health and self-love are a life-long commitment. Forever. So make the commitment. The commitment to love and treat yourself with respect. To commitment to yourself everyday. To keep going and stop battling, but embracing. The body and you will respond in positive ways.


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