Riding the Waves

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Man that was a hiatus! I’ve had so many great post flow through my mind (especially on my Sunday hikes in the mountains), but for some reason timing and circumstance has prevented their fully realized visions (but fear not I’m sure those thoughts will remain somewhere in the recesses of my mind and manifests themselves onto this very site sometime in the future). Lately, I’ve had waves on the mind. An analogy for my life. I’m riding the waves, the highs to take downs.

I remember going to the beach as a child. My brother and I, or my cousins would wade into the water, giddy with anticipation for the waves to pick up. So we could jump and safely make it to the other side, and the most daring or fearless ones (so it seemed to me) would dive under them. I didn’t always make it unscathed to the other side. Sometimes the waves are strong and push you forward, so you may fall to your knees. Sometimes you’re able to just get back up, but other times another wave (unforeseen) will come up behind you and push you down again or take you under further. But you keep getting up, you keep pursuing the waves.

This has been my last two weeks. A time of peaks and falls. Climbing back up and over the wave, for another to crash down on me. But like I told the ladies at the bank: I just have to get back up, keep swimming, otherwise I’m sure to drown. Sometimes you have to go back to basics and simplify (stay in the shallow water rather than drifting out further to sea).

Events: what I’ve learned and thanks. Last Monday I was high on life (after a trying Saturday that had me getting defensive, self-reflecting on behaviours and changes I needed to make, judgement, and many tears). I enrolled in a free week of yoga. Bouncing out of my first hot fusion class, I was feeling good. I took this energy and headed for Zen meditation at the college chapel down the street; which was beautiful and magical by the way (completely jealous of and want to be the Ken Zen, the chaplain who spoke with us at the end). Who knew that silence and non-thought could be so rewarding? Sometime during the meditation someone took my purse: therefore my wallet (credit cards, drivers license, social security, money), laptop, and two phones. My first thought: things happen. I was not upset, again just like the vandalizer¬†I needed to thank the thief. Thank them for again letting me embody and live how I said. I wasn’t angered or upset with them, hell I didn’t know them. I didn’t know their background or story. It is true that my life is testing me now, that funds are short, but I don’t know this persons story. And even if I did, I can’t judge it. Clearly they needed the contents of my purse more than I did. But what did they take? Things, my identity. I am still here. Still breathing. Still alive. I still have my thoughts and ideas. I still have my loved ones.

I will only drown if I stop. If I let the wave take me under and keep me down. Granted I had to go through more steps and set-backs, but again I have to be thankful for the challenge. To be stronger, better, resourceful, for the opportunity to meet some great people who supported and wished me well (people wanting to help me). I made it through, I took the steps, I kept positive and I kept riding the wave. It may have knocked me down a couple of times, but I never stayed there. Granted I still need a phone (finding a T-Mobile replacement has proved difficult), but I give thanks everyday still. I look for what/who is good. I look for something beautiful. I focus on what is going right. I stay inspired and on my path, focused on my purpose.

Life is full of tests. Sometimes you’ll ride the wave. Sometimes it will knock you down. But you just keep getting back up. Keep your thoughts up and keep swimming!

BE, Love, Illuminate,


More of the greatly inspired pieces coming soon!


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