Sometimes It Rains

I have definitely come to realize that life is not allows sunshine and easy streets. I have been blessed the last couple of days, posting beautiful pictures of blue skies and lovely green grass- other worldy beauty. Today it rained. Sometimes in life it rains. Sometimes circumstances and people challenge you. Challenge your practice of being better. Sometimes you want to hate, dread, blame or resent the rain. But how silly would be. You can’t control Nature, just like you can’t always control circumstances and you definitely can’t control other people. You can’t just pick and chose. You can’t pick and chose who you love. Embrace only those who see things your way and defend against or deny affection to those who challenge you. You have to love them all, and the one’s that push the most have the most to teach us. So either we can let things out of our control dictate our lives, actions, moods, thoughts, and day or we can take that rain and celebrate. Squeeze the hell out of those lemons and make our own lemonade.

Today, today I celebrated the rain. I enjoyed and gave my all to my kettlebell session in the rain. I danced, I sang and had a right good time. I embraced the chill that ensued, went a cozy new coffee shop to nuzzle up with Kahlil Gabrin’s Prophet, to sip on a heart warming Olympian coffee in an Olympic mug in the city of Olympians. I read, I worked, I got things done. I went to visit the market and the few vendors that showed up. I radiated to the dreadlocked cutie who advised me on what veggies to buy for my stir fry, I was much obliged and his suggestions actually made the best dinner I’ve had since I got here. I nourished, took pride in my  cooking. I took a hot shower. Clean and comfy in clean sweats swaddled in blanket I now relax and work. I rocked the shit out of the rain. Sometime it rains,but if it is out of your control don’t worry but take it in stride and keep your thoughts elevated. Dance, Be and Celebrate!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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