Just Wondering


girls sleepover‘Britt’

‘Yeah Dad?’

‘Have you ever thought that by balancing hormones disease can be prevented?’

Dad gets out of the shower, and maybe its the steamy sauna effect of the water, that puts him in the mystical Jim Paulin lull, but as we lay down to sleep this is our conversation. Like young kids staying up light, questioning the meaning of life and chatting about its greater meaning. His question is something I realized a long time ago. It’s part of that pull, dragging (rather guiding) me forward. I don’t know where I’m going or even really why I’m here (physically here in Colorado, but also here in the sense of living and purpose), but I know part of it has to do with this question. That my path is not only to inspire, to be/live better, but to teach. To teach others how to be healthy. To strive not only for balance in my own life, but to share my discoveries with others. Thoughts are important and I believe with every fiber of my being that all these illnesses that we lose our loved ones too (robbing us) can be prevented with lifestyle change. In eating nourishing traditional foods, stress management, and sleep we won’t have to get Alzheimer’s and forget all these beautiful life experiences that we have been creating. Forget the story we have written. Forget the people we have spent a life time loving.

Just a little late night life altering banter before bed.

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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