Giving Compliments

complimentsI persistently seem to be in my own head (and I admit stubbornly so- I can overthink it). Declaring my own responsibility for how I live my life and respond to people and situations. I consider myself friendly and giving, yet not seeking validation or generosity in return. This does not mean that I am immune to the feel good- make you smile-soul lifting- brighten your day-brighten your existence-make me want more effects of compliments.

Yesterday the man at the coffee said, ‘You’re great’. Boom that little phrase rocked me. Last Thursday was a thankful celebration, yesterday was not only grateful but praising. I told myself: I will give genuine smiles, nods, waves, texts and compliments today, NOW! Why? Because words are powerful (missing puzzle piece to my above prior existence). You can either darken someone else’s day or infuse some light and brightness (be the sun).

Before I practiced not taking things personally, just because I wanted to be this way does not means that others do not take to heart what I say (and like I said practicing- I take the compliments and sometimes I even take the negative). I need to be more aware, practice harder. Okay Brittany, you love everyone now don’t just feel it in your heart radiate it more, you can do better. I used to be painfully shy. Talking to people was a serious fear factor for me. Go up to a stranger and tell them I like their shirt? No way. Look down and act like I don’t exist? That’s more like it!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

This has been running through my mind lately. It scared me shitless (told you I’ve been detecting memes and fears long buried). I need to have the attitude, express myself in the way I want to be treated. I love the compliment; give the compliment (which the last few years I actually have been practicing- I’d give myself a B+, but that is not enough in the kindness I want to create, there are still sometimes that the fear slips in or a pesky excuse blocks me from delivering the compliment). When we tend to be so focused on the negative suckiness of our lives, what effort does it take to make an observation? There is a constant tirade of potential compliments running through my mind (remember I’m the artsy one that thinks everyone is beautiful, so this isn’t hard for me). Just say it. What am I sacrificing in just saying something or giving a little note or a text? It requires virtually no effort. What are they going to do, judge my kindness? Judge me? Think I’m being pretentious or fake (remember you aren’t supposed to take this personally)? Even if they do, so what? Don’t just let thoughts escape, live them, be them, do them. Dreams don’t come true by merely hoping. You have to embody and go after them.

Be the person you want to be around.

Open your mouth, don’t just think the positive, be it, express it, share it, TODAY RIGHT NOW! Chances are the recipient will be grateful. Words are powerful. You are powerful, so be inspiring because you never know the impact you’ll have. ‘You’re great’ is all it took for me to be raid people with compliments and compassion. An artist at the store commenting on the perfection of my hair tone or someone stopping to comment on how cool my bike is or how beautiful my eyes are. These stick out in my mind far more than any potential negative. They’re the ones I remember, that make my heart flutter and make smiles form (they reassert my belief that people are wonderful), and all it took was the initiative to act on the thought. Be fearless, be bold, be kind and show your love. BE THE SUN. That goes for me too, it’s just about being better and practicing!

Be, Love, Illuminate,



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