Dear Vandalizer

Dear Vandalizer,

Thank You, thank you for allowing me to be how I write and say to be. We can talk about how to act and be til we’re blue in the face. We can project our best/wanna be selves to the wold, but that doesn’t mean that’s who we are. Who wants to read about happiness from someone who is depressed in real life. Tuesday I wrote about how wonderful and good people are and yesterday morning I declared it Thankful Thursday.

Thank you then for testing me. Thoughts entered my mind: let’s take this personally as if it’s an attack on you (but they don’t know you), embarrassment, doubt (this isn’t the right location), fear. I could have entertained any of these options. But no,   I need to thank them, because I am responsible for my own reaction, not the action or thoughts of others. I can not judge or hate them, I must love them more instead. I must push through this road block and test. I was given this life because I am strong enough to handle it. I am my thoughts. I must keep soaring high on gratitude because the path to the top doesn’t have to be easy. Thank you also, because it built my gratitude, so that I fearlessly greeted and loved everyone that passed me outside even more.

Either talk out your ass or be impeccable and actually live. The choice is always there, and it is always yours to make. There are always obstacles present to knock you from your high, whether you come down or not is again up to you.

Give thanks, but most importantly wear what you say. Feel it. Embody it. Share it. Love to all!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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