The Wonderful World of People

want to be part of itBefore I leaving, Tab told me that I naively believe in people. I agree that I’ve always thought people are inherently good. Like I’ve mentioned before, a quote by Anne Frank put this into perspective:

Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart

Sometimes we are so engrossed in our own lives that we don’t see the bigger picture; real challenges in the world. We blow out of proportion our on trials that are mere tests. We have encountered so many homeless here and what do we do? Smile, or dad gives them food or we give them the little money we have. They are people. They have a story. I am aware that there is murder and people make bad decisions, but I am still not going to give up hope in them. Sometimes we are products of our conditioning and we make decisions based upon that (and other times we have beautiful stories of people overcoming their upbringing). Sometimes our minds get cluttered. Sometimes we are distracted and make bad decisions. But in believing in the power of thought, they don’t have to remain that way. They can change any moment, and that I can hope for.

Sometimes we (myself included) feel that others our out to get us. In dealing with the bank: wanting money and equipment that frankly we don’t have; questioning my mom still training. What do they want? For my mom not to be able to even provide food for her? How is she to produce a livelihood? When these thoughts sneak in I have to think, they are just doing their jobs. When the lady apologized at the hotel for her company’s policy, she was just doing what she’s supposed to, but you can tell people have gotten upset with her in the past for this. So maybe we should thank the bank. For challenging us. For making our thoughts stronger. Life always has road blocks, but we decide how to deal with them. We will pass this and they can’t make us feel that we have somehow done something wrong, only we can create these thoughts. All we can do is remain positive, continue living our passion, be honest and act in good faith, creating that positive energy flow. I was given this life because I am strong you are strong enoughenough to live it.

Now on the opposite end, because there is always exceptional good around to balance the challenges  (if we are aware enough to see them), are all the people back home supporting me. Daily calls with my mom are reassuring. She has found peace and motivation in my shed because I left enough of myself for her to keep inspired and to connect with me there. She reminds me how many people are following me: checking on my Facebook and reading my blogs. Yesterday I posted a picture of the building that I signed a lease on and I had the most likes and comments on it. It just makes my heart soar that so many people not only support me, but want to see me succeed. That is beautiful and I am just so unbelievably grateful. I’ve always shied away or been afraid of being inspiring, but living in love and living your dreams, we all have power. I can be and am inspiring and like my post the other day I have to realize that I am deserving of this.

The real message of today? Live in love, expectantly. I love other because I decide too, they don’t have to love me back, but I do find when you put yourself out there you will attract that same love in abundance. As for challenges, thank them. Be better and move on, don’t take personal offense. Catch people doing/being something right.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



One thought on “The Wonderful World of People

  1. Thank you Britt for reminding me that I need to thank them for making me stronger. As always you have inspired me to be a better person :))

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