You’re Worthy


deserving of loveI have been disassembling fear bombs lately. Identify the enemy: memes and excuses, then take care of me. When I read my first Dr. Dyer book Excuses Begone, I thought that not being deserving was such a silly excuse, but lately I find that this meme wedges it’s way into my thoughts. I love to give. I’ll give everything I have: thoughts, love, soul, money.I love Christmas and giving presents. Or trying to give away free cupcakes or sending cards. I’ll bare my soul on here for others to take, I’ll spend my last dollar to make someone else smile. I make sure that I tell others how I feel, I give them all my love. Take my pictures, take everything. We’re so concerned that others are going to take our idea and our work. We live in competition with each other. Not me, take it. I don’t want to compete, but share. Living simply and passionately is what I do, if someone wants part of that then that’s great.

Error: lack of balance. I’ve gotten good at giving, but I suck at receiving. I mistake being humble, with not accepting or thinking I deserve. Don’t deserve what? Love, attention, success, wealth. I have no problem telling others I love them, but I cry like a baby, completely overwhelmed when someone tells me they love me (or when people tell me I’m a good person or that I inspire them). Something (meme) holds me back from fully acknowledging that it is okay to deserve them. I live simply and have lived best version of yourselfwithout money. But somehow not letting money rule my world or happiness, has dampened the thought that I deserve wealth and success. Awareness is the first key. I do deserve anything. I am connected to an infinite source and therefore I am connected and deserving of all it has to offer.

It’s beautiful to give and share, but to balance it’s okay to realize that you are deserving of the energies that you attract. New affirmations: I am deserving of love, attention, wealth and success. Anything I put n my mind I can achieve and deserve it. I don’t need to feel guilty for living my highest life or my dreams. Live in the moment, appreciate, give thanks and taking praise in stride. You are worthy.



One thought on “You’re Worthy

  1. you deserve everything that life holds for you and there is so much that awaits you and I am excited to you make the journey’

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