Get Lost


Not all those who wander are lost.

I embodied this quintessentially this weekend in my new Colorado playground. I think maybe we should move constantly, because everything seems so much more exciting when it is new. Because once the newness wears off, we don’t always see as vividly. We take for granted the people and surroundings. We become immune to life and its beauty.

Granted perpetual moving and striving aren’t a real solution either. Our mindset is what we believe and think is what we are and I’ve really been dwelling on this lately, especially on my work post. The power of thought. So maybe we should look at each day with new eyes.

When the man at Red Rock Canyon asked if I was lost, I had no hesitation to say, “No I am just appreciating.” I had taken the moment to breathe and BE in awe of my surroundings, rather than blazing through trails just to get to a destination (for each step made that view possible, we can’t live in fast forward to just get to the reward). True I had no clue where I was and I ended up traveling from one park to another to a mountain back to the second park before making it back to my car.

There was never really any rush or any desire to know where I was. It didn’t matter where I ended up or when. Why rush? Because I should or have to be somewhere else? Now today hiking with Dad, he needed a map and direction (somewhere, something to channel his energy into), which is cool and in actuality probably balances my utter lack of direction. But when he talks about getting maps (the man loves a map, he was amped to find a store dedicated to them) and planning the future, I drag my feet, for I think wandering is magical. Not knowing, truly lets you appreciate what’s around you, because you’re not focused on what’s to come. The future is supposed to be a mystery, we’re not supposed to know what it entails.

So wander and love right now! Climb a mountain, look at someone with new eyes. Don’t live in any other time but the time given to you this very moment.

BE, Love, Illuminate,





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