Mountain Meditation


When in doubt hike a mountain. Yesterday doubt started to creep into my mind. Usually I keep these thoughts shut out, but for some reason my usual reassurances of nothing being impossible were beginning to waver slightly. Today as we began our ascent I went through first wind. The slope was steep, my heart rate skyrocket and my comfort was tested. My conditioned memes came into place. Why am I doing this? This is uncomfortable, why would I want to go further? So often in life we face these test and road blocks. The question is do we let the meme win out and turn around back to the our cushy lives, or push forward. I know that the reward is usually greatest when it challenges me the most. So even though my initial thoughts run through my mind, they have no where to grasp. I am going up. The higher I climb, the more I acclimate. The more I notice the view, and less is the uncomfortable nature. There is no way I am not going to top. Each step more rewarding than the one previous. Each turn a new discovery, until I am finally rewarded with the most breathtaking view and feeling of accomplishment. It’s a matter of pushing through that beginning first wind and discomfort to travel up. To gather experience and triumph at pushing yourself to your true potential.



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