Steady Pace

Tigger ImageThis morning as we take off I am teeming with energy. Ready to burst. Ready for my life to manifest and unravel beautifully as I know it will. Ready to serve. Ready to unpack, find a studio, and work. Ready to hike. Ready to meet new people. Ready, ready, ready!

I have to remember: Breathe Brittany and relax. It’s okay to feel electric, but you have to balance and channel this energy. This is not a race, life is not a race. It doesn’t have to come to you all right now, this very instance. It  comes in steps. Embrace the steps. Did you not just tell your Dad yesterday that often we focus on the result and forget to enjoy the moment? So Brittany, do as you say. Slow your pace and enjoy today. Be aware of what today (Now) has to offer, for you may overlook a key piece to the manifestation. Balance. . .Breathe. . .BE, repeat and feel it until it consumes you.

Would you believe that I have just opened my Te of Piglet right now and it is talking about Tiggers. So discover what it says as I do:

The animal who believes in everything and believes in everything is Something He Can Do. Tigger is an over enthusiast. Alexander Pope described him quite nicely when he wrote: Some people never learn anything because they understand everything too quickly (ah I do realize some of my biggest epiphanies are ones developed and learned over time- actually they’re still evolving). The West is full of Tiggers- restless seekers of instant gratification, larger than life achievers. It seems that it’s  no longer adequate to be a True Individual now one needs to be some sort of Superman living an overinflated life punctuated with exclamation marks. Tiggers are not in control of their lives, as is clearly shown by their behavior. Major lessons Tiggers need to learn is that if they don’t control their impulses their impulses will control them. Final Tigger Tendency problem: worthwhile and important things in life are simply not the sorts of the things one can chase after and grab. They are instead sort of things that come to us where we are, if we let them.

                More self-talk: wow, your practice is coming along. You caught yourself getting a case of Tiggeritis, diagnosed it and began the cure. Enthusiasm is not a bad thing, but don’t let it spark and burn out quickly so you’re lost. Pace, relax and be aware of right now. So now we have more Pooh wisdom: balance not too much Eeyore or too much Tigger. Warning: more Te of Piglet probably coming soon.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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