I’ve Got a Feeling

                Have you ever just known you were meant to do something or be someplace? That socks you in the gut feeling that what you’re doing is right? Or even wrong? Those gut instincts and intuition guiding you, even though you may not know why?

                Our first day of travel I rode that wave of change, but Friday, I woke up at peace, feeling like I was moving forward toward my destiny. Today wandering around I instantly feel at home, like I belong here or have lived here all my life. There are no doubts at all, as Dad and I would just went with our first feelings.

Why don’t you find a coffee shop? I just go with the one that stands out in my head and as soon as we enter the neighborhood I knew I’d made the right decision. It’s eclectic and colorful. Each house has character and is unique. Before entering, the lady leaving is one of those kindred spirits I talk about. Like looking at myself in 50 years: straw flower hat, overalls, and fivefinger shoes mirroring my own. Next Dad decides to stop at a barber who we have hun chatting with, but who also recommends a track to run at. Another perfect fit. An old school cinder track that felt great to run on. Plus a mountain backdrop. A trip back to Dogtooth coffee to take Dad’s ice coffee virginity and they give it to us for free and there is now a young man playing piano. Throw in a self of personal mugs that you can leave and the place as the homey nostalgia that makes me melt.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are in the right place. That we will find the perfect studio for us to serve this community. Sometimes you’ve got to take the risk, ignore the Eeyores, go with the gut and follow your dreams. Don’t question or ask why but leap because while you’re busy questioning you may let an opportunity pass you by. Be aware, breathe, be, and go.

BE, Love Illuminate,



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