The Eeyore Effect

I’ve been around Eeyores all my life, hell I’ve even partied with them and tried out their lifestyle, but one of the things I strive for in my current mindset is to not let them influence me. I don’t have to judge or dislike them, they are a product of their own thoughts and decisions, just like I am my own. I don’t love them any less. I actually owe them a thank-you because they are the ones who give me the best opportunity to challenge. Because they challenge me. They challenge my mindset and if I don’t reconnect with myself and remain at peace, they will affect me. I am responsible only for how I react.

Where is this Eeyore tirade coming from? Ah the wonderful Te of Piglet. After reading the Tao  of Pooh earlier this year, I knew I had to read the companion piece. What is the Eeyore effect or Eeyore behavior?

Eeyore’s are afraid-afraid to risk positive emotional expression, positive action, positive involvement in anything beyond the Ego. Those things are stupid they say, and they don’t want to look stupid. (They don’t seem to mind looking Paralyzed with Fear- they just don’t want to look stupid- Love this!). Unfortunately for those around them, complaining is one thing that Eeyores are not afraid to do. They grudgingly carry their thimbles to the Fountain of Life, then mumble and grumble that they weren’t given enough. Eeyores are Realists, they say. But reality is what one makes it. And the more negative reality one nurtures and creates the more of it one has. Eeyores see only what they want to. But the Eeyore Effect makes a great many people believe that they are powerless. And because they believe they’re powerless, they are. Eeyores, in other words, are Whiners. They believe the negative but not the positive and are so obsessed with What’s Wrong that the Good Things in Life pass them by unnoticed.

What he writes next is something I’ve been repeating to myself, something I’ve been excitedly sharing with my parents in our lengthy thought talks:

Without difficulties, life would be like a stream without rocks and curves- about as interesting as concrete. Without problems, there can be no personal growth, no group achievement, no progress for humanity. But what matters about problems is what one does with them. Eeyores don’t overcome problems.

In this point of my life I don’t have time to be or listen to Eeyore’s. I’ve got to follow my path and live my dreams. I can’t think of how things my go terribly wrong or focus on the grotesque impending doom that could happen. No I must listen and not judge the Eeyore’s, but I don’t have to join them. I’m going to be aware. Aware so that when opportunity presents itself I will not overlook it. I will look for the positive. And when a situation or a person comes into my life I will give thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow. I will move forward and not focus on what I don’t have. I am not powerless, I am strong. I am connected to an infinite source and anything I want is possible so long as I commit because commitment is love.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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