Staying on the Path


DeathHave you ever been thinking something and then it appears all of a sudden? Have you ever been thinking of someone and then you see them or they call you? A few weeks ago I looked at my grandfather’s death, and I’ve been thinking about us all having a certain path (destiny if you will, but I do believe the road has many paths and we always have a choice of which ones to take). Some of us are supposed to be challenged. We are soldiers and we battle. Our life is not conditionally perfect or ideal, but it how we are supposed to be. Tuesday while walking with my mom, we talked about a clip we’d seen on Oprah with Michael Singer. It was something, I’d read with Dr. Dyer too, the idea that we must die while we’re alive. I take this in several ways. First that we cannot fear death. We have no control over it, when our time is up then it’s up. We can’t be afraid or worry about something that is beyond our control. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die, I love living and life as much as any body, but I’m not in a rush to get to the end. I also, take this dying while alive, as killing the presumed Brittany. The Brittany that I am supposed to be and the one that I’ve been conditioned to connect with. I’ve got to live from my spirit and my true self. Lately I have been captivated by this idea that our body’s are merely shells. Yes we need to take to care of them, but they are really just the house of our soul. The soul is what I need to focus on because it is infinite. Eventually the house crumbles, but your foundation (soul) continues on. My main objective, must then be to make my soul better.

Back to death. On Tuesday, I also found out that a client and friend of ours had passed away. Speculation went rampant of whether it was a suicide or homicide. This is not where my thoughts were. It may seem heartless to some, but I didn’t feel sad. How he died didn’t matter. We can dwell on the circumstances, but the fact remains that he is no longer here. We have to be at peace, by releasing that his life’s journey is over. Like my dad said, he is just in a better place sooner than us. Just because Darrel’s physical self is gone, does not mean that Darrel has to be erased. That is why I don’t feel sad. I think of Darrel and think of his beautiful smile and infectious laugh. He will always be my savior who saved me from spiders at our first Body Change building on north third. I’ll think of my dad talking in admiration at the passion Darrel had for hunting and his bad-assness in the woods. Of looking at my Facebook to see a picture of Darrel dwarfed behind some massive animal that he’d shot. So I chose to celebrate his spirit, rather than on focusing on the death of his body.

In letting ourselves get consumed in grief, we forget to live.We’re told that we have to grieve and if we don’t then we are somehow abnormal or not coping. We select how we view life and death and we don’t have to succumb to the pressures of conditioning’s to tell us how to think. We must always be. Death is part of the life cycle and something we all will face at sometime. We can’t let the consumption of fear, sadness, and grief consume us. We have to keep on our own path. If I want to feel or talk to someone that has passed, then I will because their spirits are still here. Die while alive.

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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