Framing Life’s Treasures

Pinned ImageAnother OWN clip, starting out with this beyond wonderful VW bus. Sure my dad showed me the video clip because he knows I have an affinity for these buses (they are just quintessential Brittany style), what he didn’t know is how much the actual piece would affect me. Where the lines and signs drawn to the things that interest me (like ballet) and ideas on my mind (like beauty and awe) and living my truest self (of being uninhibited, living by my rules and how I think I should be living). The inspiration for this post comes from this clip where the hosts challenged people on the streets to take time. To take a break to take a second, a single moment to pause, to look around them. To set out with a picture frame and find something beautiful. The result was that they discovered beauty in ‘unlikely’ places. We really do live in a beautiful world, we’re surrounded by it, but we have to be aware of it and not just take advantage of it that it will always be there. We need to take a life timeout, take a frame and discover the world’s treasures. Here is what I found on my journey to awe and beauty:


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