The Dhammapada

Just finished The Dhammapada and the teachings of Buddha. This is what spoke to me most and is how I desire to be:buddha buddha.

Desiring nothing, doubting nothing,

Beyond judgement and sorrow

And the pleasures of the senses,

He has moved beyond time.

He is pure and free.

How clear he is.

He is the moon.

He is serene.

He shines.

For he has traveled

Life after life

The muddy and treacherous road of illusion

He does not tremble

Or grasp or hesitate.

He has found peace.


He lets go of life,

Of home and pleasures and desire.

Nothing of men can hold him.

Nothing of the gods can hold him.

Nothing in all creation can hold him.

Desire has left him,

Never to return.

Sorrow has left him,

Never to return.

He is calm

In him the seed of renewing life

Has been consumed.

He has conquered all the inner worlds.

With dispassionate eye

He sees everywhere

The falling and the uprising.

And with great gladness

He knows that he has finished.

He has woken from his sleep.

And the way he has taken

Is hidden from men,

Even from spirits and gods,

By virtue of his purity.

In him there is no yesterday,

No tomorrow,

No today.

Possessing nothing,

Wanting nothing.

He is full of power.

Fearless, wise, exalted.

He has vanquished all things.

He sees by virtue of his purity.


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