Loving the In Between


            While on my morning run, I began pondering about time. I’ve come to realize how valuable time is. But this morning the angle changed. I realized that we tend to remember and live for the big moment, the grand gesture. Really, though are lives aren’t made up of a series of celebrities. It mostly consists of the moments in between events. In silence. I realized this morning that in order to justly appreciate life, I’ve got to recognize and love these times as well.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness practices begin by being aware of breathing. The body is a beautiful example. Our vessel here on earth, keeps us alive and breathing without any conscious effort from us. But when we take the time to acknowledge and appreciate it, how much more alive do we feel? The accumulation of events that led up to the epic moment. The steps that get us to the end result. We’re so focused on the goal and product that we forget to embrace the process.

What I loved the last week while taking pics with Miss is that she is constantly shooting. My favorite pictures are the ones that she captures while we’re goofing off and being ourselves. Not the posed pictures where we’re consciously smiling or thinking of how we want to be portrayed. The moments in between when we’re laughing or scowling at something Tab has said or when Shadow falls off the railroad tie. These are the ones I cherish. These are real. Live and appreciate the in between, the process that make up the majority of our time. And don’t forget to relish the silence as well. Live in awe and feel the bewilderment. Closing with thoughts from Buddha:

Better to live one day


How all things arise and pass away.

Better to live one hour


The one life beyond the way.

Better to live on moment

In the moment

Of the way beyond the way.

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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