Celebrating Love

Ever since the post I wrote on Cliff (my brother) in March, I can’t seem to make it through a blog or hike and not cry when I think of him. He is just such a pure spirit. Genuinely a nice sweet guy, he has never been in a fight with anyone else, nor does he ever have anything bad to say about anyone. Kids love him because he is like a big kid, uninhibited and him true self. Needless to say these qualities meant that my mom, sister, and I were always a little protective of him. Leary that people were making fun of or pointing at his scar or that he was going to bring home a girl who took advantage of his niceness. I have realized, as with my friends that I have to allow the ones I love to live their own life. I write my story, just as they must right their own. It is not my place to tell them how to live or give unsolicited advice. I have learned to love them as they are. One of my favorite lines I found from Dr. Dyer was:

Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.

Today my brother is getting married. In allowing Cliff to live his life, I have had time to just enjoy spending time with him and Katie (his fiancée) without the protective armor. To get to know them and watch their affection grow. Even though it has been a mere year that they’ve known each other, it’s like my cousin Trevor said, Cliff has an old soul. Plus if you know how you feel and you don’t have all the walls built up keeping others out, why does the timeline matter? And Katie is unbelievably sweet, fitting in perfectly to our crazy family mix. Most importantly, though I can tell they love each other. It is effortless for Cliff to give his heart to another; he doesn’t have a mean- judgmental bone in his body. But what I love most is that I can tell (feel) that Katie really loves my brother just as he is. They have this love that Dr. Dyer talks about.

No one is more deserving. Yet another instance of attracting the energy you put out. Cliff exuding pure positive love, and thus receiving it in return. Even though some have opinions of the swiftness of their wedding and their arrangements, what matters about this day is that it represents them and I believe it truly does. A wedding doesn’t have to cost thousands and thousands of dollars or follow some invisible rule book of what’s proper and nice. A wedding is a celebration of love. Of two people sharing this love with the people closest to them. So when they look back on their wedding day does it matter what table linens they had? Or that she wears an expensive designer dress that has gone out of style? You remember the joy, the happiness, and the tears of appreciation for two people coming together and blessing you by allowing you to participate.

So on his special day, and Katie’s day too, I wish them all the best. To two beautiful people, in love, remaining true to themselves, I hope them eternal love together. I could not think of anyone else more deserving. Love to my big brother and my new sister Katie.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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