Limitless Living

Olympic Rings - London 2012   As only I seem do, I am going to take the Olympics as another lesson to be learned in this crazy scheme of life that I contemplate so zealously on this site. Olympics and sports have always held me captive. For two weeks every two years (I love the winter Olympics just as much as the summer games) I sacrifice my life and give myself over to full sports dedication. I love the nostalgia and history (Jim Thorpe is probably my favorite Olympian ever or Paavo Nurmi in case you were wondering). But going into this London this year with my different Jim Thorpemind-set I have another perspective. Social media has shown London mania is in full tilt, with celebrities and all getting involved. What is it that draws us to the Games? Of course there is the obvious drive of unity. Of supporting our nations and living vicariously through our athletes. As part of my One Love beliefs I don’t really see in nations anymore. It’s about seeing myself in each athlete and what identifies them with me. It’s not a matter of who wins or loses; I can support any player, from any world. Which is what I think is the purpose of the game, a type of world unity. To learn about other cultures, where people may have a different lifestyle and upbringing, but we’re still able to relate. Figuratively shrinking the world.

What I think I’ve realized most, though, with athletes and our pulls towards them is that they exemplify our highest versions of ourselves. We so often talk about doing things and want to be dedicated, but we let fear get in our ways so that we never reach our dreams. That’s where they stay in our unreachable fantasies, part of our self-inflicted limitations. Athletes seem to dwell not only as physical specimens that we idolize, but as fearless. Sacrificing for optimum health, willpower, and training and discipline to get things accomplished. We want this. We want to be healthy. We want to do the things we love. We want to set goals and achieve them. We love the underdog coming from nothing to rise to the top. Like somehow they exemplify our story, like they are playing out our life. I think it’s great that we feel we can relate and see ourselves in these athletes and yes afterwards kids across the nation (or even us) will set off in aspirations to be the next Michael Phelps, but how long will it last? How long do we stay with our hobbies? How long do we pursue our goals? Right after the Hunger Games archery went up, but how long does it lasts? Athletes represent the drive and the dream, which we are afraid to embrace. We can’t do that: I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have anywhere to train, I’m not athletic, I’m slow, and so on goes the limiting factors. So the Olympics and its athletes are an example of our highest selves and we lose ourselves in their dreams, but we have to find our push.

Lose the fear and dwell in possibility. Don’t just idolize your highest self, be it! Chase down YOUR dreams and don’t ever let limiting thoughts in.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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