Kindred Spirits


Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP; Kindred SpiritI had to instantly remember my uplifting morning at the market. Besides the fact that farmer’s markets and organic food can actually make me giddy, today it was the interactions with the farmers that had me reeling. Last month with my friend Tab I wrote about auras and such, today though Kindred spirit is the word of the day.

kin·dred spir·it: a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another

Today I had one of those surreal moments out of movie. I look up to see a woman with a cabby hat and just the most fabulous outfits. She was earthy, eclectic and cool. At the same moment she sees me and we instantly take a step back and square off, “I like your pink hair.” Wow, I was getting ready to say I loved her outfit. That moment when you realize you want to know this person, even though you instantly feel like you’ve known them for a long time. Like we’ve been best buds since grade school. It’s effortless to engage in conversation. Like looking in a mirror. Of course she has exactly what I was going to go to the farm and get next weekend: whey to ferment my own food the next week. What really sold me, though, was when I looked at the sign to my left: kombucha. ‘You have kombucha?’ Yes, I make it myself. My mind is blown, as she gives me a sample and talk about continuous brewing before she informs me that she raises scoby and that she would sale me one, all I had to do was email her. So not only did I walk away with some truly nutritious food (raw whey, kefir and kombucha), but the aspect of running into Kate next week to get my scoby. It’s these kinds of interactions that just enliven your soul. Someone whom,not only do you effortlessly see yourself in, my someone with a glowing spirit, because as I moved on to the next the organic stand: ‘Oh you got some things from Kate.’ You get to meet people that truly shine, and you also make your light shine a little brighter. I just wanted to make sure to record this, to remember Kate, the cooky kindred spirit with the bright light and the power/connection we can have with another person. Perfect start to my day and weekend: healthy food and healthy mind. Have a great weekend, brighten someone elses day.

BE, Love, Illuminate,




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