The Baby’s Coming

The baby is coming! The baby is coming! I haven’t produced my best idea yet! I haven’t lived my best life yet! The passion and my most creative thoughts are forming inside me impregnating me with drive and growth. I’ve got to channel my motherly instincts to feed and nourish this baby. It is getting ready to peak and Colorado will be my delivery room, where my most robust child will be born. Only I can deliver, only I can push this baby out, no one else can carry it or nurse it. No one else is responsible for its healthy growth except for me. This is just part of the clip, of one that I highly recommend watching. Oprah has been on fire lately with her Super Soul Sunday’s with featured guest like: Dr Dyer, Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra and this clip with TD Jakes. We have been having weekly meetings before our departure, and these are the kinds of clips that we watch to inspire us. Doesn’t he just motivate you to act? To jump? To feel that baby kick? His energy is magnetic. There are brilliant parts of the clip that are missing, however. That we are not only missing our passion, fixating 80% of our time on busy-ness rather than thoughts/action driven towards our best selves. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to focus and utilize our time. To stop spending most of our lives fulfilling the life that we should be living, rather than the one we are destined to live. Going through the motions to please, living for the moments for someone to fill our happy tank. Someone else telling us we’re smart or pretty or that they love us. We rely on this reassurance from others, instead of filling up our tanks ourselves. We have to believe it, rather than waiting on others to tell us, because that’s what life will turn in to, a waiting game, were we are constantly seeking: seeking love, seeking value and worth through others actions/words. We have to do our affirmations. I wake up in the morning and go to bed filling my highest self to full. It’s not about ego or a lack of humbleness, it is confidence and knowing. I’ve got to love myself, so I can love others because I have to know who I am so as to not have this dependence on others (because it may not happen, how often do we assume emotions. We assume that we our loved, or we assume that others know we love them rather just saying or showing it to them). To say to yourself:

I am God (an infinite being, a spirit with a body, perfection, connected to All others)

I am radiating love, kindness and compassion

I am beauty burning from the inside out and I see beauty everywhere, as I live in awe

I am Living my most highest self, serving others and living my passion to extend others’ lives

Pinned ImageAs I focus my attention on my highest self and my passion, then my baby is able to grown and nourish. I am getting ready to birth my best idea. You can too, focus on time, making the most of it because that’s really all that we have. When we focus on utilizing our time to fulfill our dreams then we are truly living. So do as TD Jakes says, tell everyone

I’m pregnant! The baby’s coming! And finally get ready to push! Live your highest true life according to your destiny not what others expect of you (including spouses, parents, friends).

Remember every second, every moment is a gift. Every breath is a gift. Every idea is a gift. Time is a gift. Love for yourself is a gift. See, feel and believe in all the presents in you life.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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