Reality Check from a Dreamer

        You’re a dreamer, living in my own Brittanyland. I’ve been told this my entire life. To come down from the clouds and join the real world.  Well, this ‘real’ world has captivated my attention and taken over my hikes. Dreams, I have this affinity for dreams. Some of my favorite Thoreau quotes (like the tattoo on my arm) deal with dreams.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

“I do not know how to distinguish between waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?”

When I was thinking of how I was going to convey my point I knew that I wanted to reference reality TV, but yesterday it came to me to make an analogy of reality to a remote. Reality series dominate the television world nowadays. Who says that these represent the ‘real’ world? Where people are either out getting sloppy drunk or fighting with one another. In none of these realities do I want to live.  So what determines what is real and what is make-believe? How is life supposed to be? If I want it to be love and sunshine, why must it be challenging, dark and hard? Where does this concept of life being hard come from? Why can’t it be simple? Why do I have to fit in? Why do I have to think like the mob or the sheep? Why must I follow etiquette and what is appropriate? Why can’t I be honest all the time? We are explicitly free, right? Then why do there seem to be so many rules on what kinds of behaviors, thoughts, and words are appropriate?

In all the changes happening in my life, I realize that I, me Brittany, create my own reality. What I believe, is what is. Let’s play with that remote analogy. What is perfect about a remote is that it is also called a controller. By holding the remote you can thus be in control of your life. You have the power to flip the channel, to crank up the volume. To rewind to the past or fast forward to the future, to hit pause-take a breath- and enjoy the moment. The best programs are often the ones you’re watching right now. The beauty of having your own remote is that when someone else tries to tell you to change the channel, you have the power to hit the mute button. Mute is a glorious thing in life. When others are telling you what you’re capable of, that things are impossible, that something is too hard, that you shouldn’t do something; hit that mute button so their lips are moving but none of their negativity is penetrating or reaching your creative center. In this self-created, custom television programming you pick the characters, who will be the stars, who will be supporting actors and those that are merely extras. You can pick the scenery and location. You write the script of your life, you are the director and you hold the remote to make this all happen. Only when we live in a state of fear and conditioning to we let other run the show, or take over the remote. We’ve got to stand on our own feet to create our own reality. Nobody’s packages should be identical; there is no set programming and basic program for us all to follow. There are no limits or itinerary to life.

The next half of this post then is about imagination, because it is an important part of my reality. In being a ‘dreamer’ I have always had a wild imagination, seeming to live in my head. So yesterday I questioned myself that is this reality? If I believe it, then why not? In doing some research reading the other day, it said that in changing the way we move we can change the way we feel. And that true visualization, is using more than the sense of sight. This really clicked with me. In living in my imagination, experiencing it with all of my senses, I feel that my experiences have expanded. It has provided a sanctum for me, if I want to do or go somewhere, I can merely retract into my imagination. Is this a bad thing? If I want to go to the beach, then I do. I close my eyes and dial in my surroundings. I hear the waves lapping against the sands, the crashing of waves, the seagulls crying out for attention, a child  laughing further down the beach. I feel the sand under my feet, feel the spray of the ocean as its waves crash into the shore, feel the sun radiating down to play across my skin. I taste the salt as it fills my hair and skin. I can see the endless ocean in front of me; see the bikini clad sunbathers splayed along the coast. Just because I am not actually there does that means that it is not real? Filling my Pinterest travel boards, I can look at the picture and transport myself. See the landscape unfolding before me, feel the cool stones of the ancient buildings under my fingers and hear the chatter of unfamiliar languages around me. Hell I feel like I’ve traveled around the world. Just because I haven’t actually been there does that make it less real. Because it is not tangible then it is not real? I think I’ve experienced some of these places more than people that have actually been. We think that when we have something to hold and actually see, then it is complete, but I don’t agree. Just because it is tangible doesn’t mean we appreciate, or even truly see it. We often go through motions, I’ve seen this when I actually travel. People on a strict scheduled itinerary of what landmarks to see. At Yosemite, hopping on the shuttle to hurry up to the Falls to snap a quick shot and travel Glacier Point to get out and take a picture. They have taken out the entire process, and lost the awe of the experience. The best part of climbing Pike’s Peak was the reward waiting at the top and along the way. Of turning around after getting pelted with hail to experience the most vibrant rainbow I’ve seen in my life. Hiking to El Capitan and pausing to stand next to deer, so close I could touch. GratefulBelieve in everything. when I got there. It’s not about following and checking off a list, getting the t-shirt (that you’ll end up using to paint and do yard work in) and snapping a few shots. So in my vivid and surreal imagination, if I can appreciate and take on the feeling of a place, then why is it not real? In that very moment it feels real to me.

“It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.” Thoreau

I treasure this imagination; I can see and do anything from it. Some think that they are not like this. Tab told me that when reading it is hard for her to picture what is going. we get wrapped up in labeling ourselves as right-brained/left-brained, scientific/artsy. We don’t allow ourselves to be open to more. I am a visual person, but I also a math/science person because I believe myself capable. Nothing is out of my realm of learning. I read Einstein’s biography this year. Yes I was blown away with his scientific genius, but I took away most was his take on imagination:

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

To me that is more genius than E=MC2 (also couldn’t help throwing in a picture with another great quote. Just like we see all with love and as beautiful, we all have a genius inside. Believe).  Life is fun and I am capable of einsteinanything. I am able to live in infinite possibility (in the circle). When I am in the car belting out Celine Dion, do I really sound like her? It is irrelevant. At that moment I am powerful songstress. Whether others hear it, doesn’t matter, in the reality that I’ve created I’m extraordinary. When my nephew is playing ball, do we sit and critique? No he is awesome, whether he is the best or not, what matters is that he feels great. When I let loose on the dance floor, does it matter if I can really ‘dance’? Just like with the traveling, it is not the steps across the floor that matter, but the act of dancing. In my head I’ve channeled my inner graceful ballerina (another new fascination of mine). My limbs move with lithe and poise, I am flexible, can leap and my moves are awe-inspiring. Do I actually look like this? In my head that’s what I feel; it is the reality I have created. I love this quote by Nietzsche.

I am frequently playing songs in my heads, snapping out a beat and walking with a hop and dance in my step, moving to my own internal song. If others don’t hear or see it is irrelevant to my reality. It’s like the girl in Dr. Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled that kept repeating that she was perfect health, despite the fact that one side of her face was paralyzed. Imagination and belief are magical, because you know what? She recovered from her paralysis, pounding into my head the mantra, of if you believe then you can achieve. Your mind, your imagination are exponentially valuable treasures.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso

This post is all over the place (it flowed so smoothly in my head), but I think the main thing is that we control our OWN reality and if we believe it, then it can be.

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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