Abundant Beauty

It’s amazing what kind of enlightenment can strike you at a bar (maybe I should go out more often). I’ve written about beauty before, but it was more so me unraveling my own confidence and exploring the beauty within me. Sitting at the bar in Broad Ripple, Tab and I had prime real-estate seats for people watching. We conversationally made observations of the crowd. I found myself surrounded by gorgeous people, but then I thought about our perspective of what is beautiful. I had written about our country’s tragic outlook on body image. Although, I looked around and saw an immense group of gorgeous people (clean cut and muscle clad), they did not excite me. What about beauty gets me excited? As I’ve mentioned before I love to draw. I’ve especially always been drawn to portraits, finding my niche in the fifth grade when we were assigned to draw them, never looking back. So when I think of the most intense beauty I think of what will set it apart from others. So even though convention and society (although you’ll find the definitions of beauty different around the world) may like symmetry (I had a man tell me I had very symmetrical face, that a lot of athletes do and that people are drawn to that; I thought it was bullshit then and think that’s still partially true at least for me today) or straight noses, almond shaped eyes, full lips and heart-shaped faces, that is not what I like. I like the ‘imperfections’ the things that make us different from one another. I admit I enjoy watching America’s next top model (I like photography and the hair/make-up art aspect, as if that’s not apparent). One of the things emphasized is that it is the little flaws that keep the model from being perfect and therefore from being boring. Really if you look at DNA the percentage difference in our genes seems tiny, but as you can see from the pictures we come in an arrangement of shapes, sizes and colors, none completely identical. All with our own unique beauty. When I’m drawing I look for these little unique differences. Eyes, I start with the eyes whenever drawing. Eyes are a direct linkPortrait by Federica Erra to our hearts and souls Thoreau quote.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

They can take your breath away with beauty. Whether from startling color, or a twinkle, the eyes tell a story and provoke interest. They can seem to go on or exceed into the crevices of the skull lost in depth of tragedy or love. Telling a story vividly that we may never completely know or understand, but that captivates us irrevocably. Taunting you with their piecingness to come in, so that it is impossible to look away. To evoke emotions. To make you want to hug them, cry for them, smile, ask questions or surrender your heart. They motivate you to life and action with a twinkle and a fire ignited by life and vitality. Some are clouded with walls of protection, and hard to penetrate, but those are really the ones worth your while. What are they holding back? What don’t they want you to know? What do they not want to know themselves? Some can just haunt you, lingering into your dreams state, lost in tragedy and potential sadness, of loss. Like their pain is touching your soul. They center of nonverbal communication. Any twinkle or brow movement can elicit an answer or a warning or a question. Just one look can silence a person. They are truly a mysterious masterpiece. Back to those little imperfections that separate us. Wrinkles, here, are thought to be a sign of age of decline. We try will all our might (creams and plastic surgery) not to show the signs of aging. Wrinkles are frowned upon. What do I think? The story of their life may be written between the lines. I’ve always been especially drawn to those wrinkles around the eyes, like someone has been smiling their whole life. Someone that exudes the life is fun memento. They show age, wisdom, lessons learned challenges. Take the hands as well, talk about a message or story of our lives. The lines of our hands hold our future (just look at palm readings). They also show the work we’ve done. Wear calluses proudly. I find in reading, that they are constantly drawing attention to hands (Notably slim artist or musician fingers). That is graceful. I prefer the ones with something to say. My rough hands show strength (from years of practicing with kettlebells). By riding ourselves of wrinkles we are Hiding our growth and retracting our life story that we’ve been working on. At the moment I am obsessed with freckles, little dots splashed across the face or spilling over onto shoulders and limbs. I’ve always liked them on my face, but looking at my pinterest I have such suction for them. They just take my breath away. They just fire something inside, freckles really make me excited. Scars: often the reminder of challenges. Growing up with my own and my brother (a large scar running down the right side of his face), we’re taught to believe that they mar the skin. Why would we want to cover up something that can represent tragedy, or loss, or lessons learned? Something that has gotten us to where we are today? Another chapter of our story. Teeth, this is a different one, but I find myself attracted to gaps. That little ‘flaw’ and space left between the front incisors. Even missing teeth, I think add charism and character. When I see the toothless individuals still smiling in these photos below, I think I want to learn An Intense encounter at Nadoba by John Kennyabout heir life.

It is all these little differences, these little imperfections that physically write the story of our lives. Just by looking at someone you can learn a lot (most of the time it can leave you wanting to learn more. The biggest thing is like what Dr Dyer says:

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

We’ve got to learn to live in a world of awe and bewilderment. To let beauty radiate from everyone. Not to judge by the way they look, but see what is right. Sure there will be some that we are more drawn to than others, but it is that way with love too. The ‘unusual’ ‘strangeness’ about an individual excite me. But that’s not what is going to thrill all, which is also beautiful. Differences make us that separate yet connected (all infinite sources of being). Look and you shall find. Ralph Waldo Emerson sums this all up beautifully:

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.

 BE, Love, Illuminate,



2 thoughts on “Abundant Beauty

  1. Lord this article is wonderful.. to me this most wondeful article i just read.. Thanks for it.. Thanks for sharing.. It was deep.. and yes we are all Unique, precious the way we are… !!!!!!! OnE LoVe. PeaCe

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