To My Awesome Grandma

This is my knockout grandma (sincerely, everyone thinks she’s my mom’s sister). She just turned 75 on Monday, I should have written a post then, but today I’m feeling it and can do it better justice. I’ve actually had her on my mind to write about for a while, but the timing was never right. She has been such an integral part of my life, so in preparing to move I have turned into an emotional shop. I think that my grandmother is one of those people who I’ve taken for granted. Taken for granted her love and care, taken for granted that she and her support will always be here. I love her, I just think that I can do a better job of showing it. Growing up she was always there, and looking at the person I am today so much of it comes from her. I see so much of myself in her. Including this writing. She is a beautiful writer, I’m always encouraging her to make her own blog, she is a little more private than I am. I think the world could learn from her stories, but sometimes we like to just do things for ourselves or to leave behind to enrich other’s lives. Art; I got this from her too. I remember when I was younger, I’d find her sketch books and hoard them, caring them away to sneakily look at. Dreaming that one day my drawings would be as good as hers. I told her instead of writing me letters, I would like us to correspond through pictures. She was there to teach me to sew and make dresses for my American girl doll or to sew my prom dress (she made my sister’s as well and my mom’s wedding dress and my first communion dress). To teach me to crochet and make a blanket for my mom. She has always been in my backyard (literally growing up her house sat behind ours), nourishing my imagination and creativity.  I in turn challenge her spontaneity (which I do with a lot people). Can I borrow the van to take camping this weekend? Initially hesitant I threw her off guard. She came back with a yes, trusting me even though I had no clue where I was taking it, just a promise to stay within the state of Indiana. News Years what are you doing? I don’t know. Let’s take a trip? Here we balance each other. Me flying by the seat of my pants with a last-minute idea, no planning or destination in mind just traveling. My grandmother loves the planning/research part of a trip. So I let her take the reins and do the part that she loves. We take off New Years morning with Dane (my other post for the day, sprouting the seed of judgement than), for Merom, Indiana. I had never been and it was near where grandma grew up. So we spent the morning gazing out over the bluffs and my grandmother recalling the past. I learned a lot about her that day. More of her history, of her story. Like I said I think I throw her for a loop sometimes, but she handles it well. When I asked if I could build a cabin on her property, it was she that suggested I use the shed. She gave it to me, letting me live there free of charge. She deals with me popping in to borrow her kitchen or washing machine or computer (like now so that I can write about her). She has an huge heart. She gives and gives and gives. Letting Dane spend the summers with her, letting Mick live with her after his divorce, letting my mom live with her once we lose our house, supplying her grandkids with college financial support. If we need her she is there. Like any good mother, she only wants the best for us. For us to be happy and successful and she’s got quite a crew to wish such good tidings for (she’s had five kids, then add to that their kids and a handful of great-grandchildren). Lately, in my state of appreciation, I really notice the little moments. Popping in to say hi and see how her day is going or sitting/chatting with her and my aunt Gina at Trenton’s birthday, her playing along for crazy photo opportunities, car rides, everything. I soak it all in. She is just fabulous. I love her unconditionally. Spending so much time with them growing up has really molded me to be as I am today. She is selfless and beautiful and I will miss her terribly. Happy birthday to one of the best and influential women I know. Love you!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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