Summer Adventures

Seeing as I am in this state of appreciation, time with my friends is extra special right now. A couple of weekends ago, I took time away from the worries of work to spend time with my friend Chelsey and her boyfriend Cam. Each of my friendships offer something different and we connect in different ways. Chelsey and I are so similar. Kindred spirits, with a passion for living, for being outdoors, for having a creative spark. She encourages my adventure, pushing me to just go for it. To live life. This makes sense, since she is a cancer survivor. Her passion for life is different than any of my other friends. She doesn’t question, even if she doesn’t get my visions initially (although she usually does) she blindingly trusts me. She makes me a better person, just like my dad says is important for relationships. She wants to spend times outdoors or experiencing life. Challenging and pushing each other. Let’s go for a hike or shoot our bows. Let’s do something, rather than being cooped up at a bar drinking our lives away or in some stuffy restaurant. Breath the fresh air. I have never been canoeing, so after a visit with her and Cam we decide we need to. I’ve expressed my love for Turkey Run State Park (probably the best park in the state of Indiana), so it was naturally our destination. Cam lived in Colorado for several years, so he brought not only his own experience, but his own kayak. It was the perfect cure for the stress that had been mounting. I silently tucked away memories as we drove, windows down, relishing in the perfection of time with two people I love, passing the Indiana summer scenery. Floating down the creek (well initially we may have been bumping into things more than graceful guiding). Cam let me use his kayak, which was perfect for me, as I tend to be self-dependent and like a challenge (and it gave them time to work together). We occasionally stopped just to swim and drift in the creek. The weather was perfection and the water cooling. A new experience, with old friends (a warm up for when they come visit me in Colorado). The best, these are the kinds of days in life that I truly treasure. So thanks to Cam and Chelsey for letting me reconnect again (and for once in company and not just by myself- I’ve got to remind myself to balance that I can hike and retreat with others too).

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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