Wishes Fulfilled

  1. Be willing to change your concept of yourself, which means changing wisheswhat you have believed to be true. -Don’t let yourself be defined by others and conditioning. Who you were yesterday, doesn’t have to be who you are today. Your perceptions of yourself depend on what you choose, and at any moment you can change them. It is never too later to change our prejudices (a round about quote of Thoreau’s).
  2. Recognize yourself as always connected to your Source of being. -You are an infinite being living a temporary human experience in a temporary body. But your soul, that is infinite. Don’t be limited by downplaying this. Dwell in possibility.
  3. Become willing to say ‘I am God’ from an egoless perspective. -This goes hand-in-hand with the last one. Not necessarily a religion exclamation, but an acknowledgement of you being an infinite being. 
  4. Treasure your greatest gift-your imagination.-Live from your imagination and hoard its creativity. Don’t let others tread on your imagination and crush your dreams. Just live and be your imagination, don’t talk about it.
  5. Live as if what you desire is already here. -Have faith and remember your affirmations. Change your thoughts, change your actions, change your perspective, change your reality. We create our own reality, if you want to live your dream then do it, don’t let others influence what is real and what is not. Decipher this for yourself.
  6. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. -if you want to be healthy or happy. Whatever you want, then take on this feeling and embody it as if it is already here and now. Don’t wait for your life to start, take it now and initiate that imagination.
  7. Never let your attention be directed by anything or anyone other than your own highest self. -Stay true to yourself. Feel the oneness, live without judgement and reconnect with yourself.
  8. Use the last moment of your day before sleeping to reinforce in your mind your desires as fulfilled. -Don’t lay down to rest thinking about how shitty life is. Reaffirm your yearnings, really feeling and taking them on.
  9. Have a mind that is open to all possibilites. -You are an infinite being, therefore life is limitless. Nothing is out of reach so long as you believe, strive, assume the feeling and live fearlessly without the influence of others to achieve your dreams.
  10. You have wings, learn to use them and fly. – I can’t say this any better.

This beautifulness comes from, of course, Dr. Dyer. This is the closing page of Wishes Fulfilled and the – and after writing are my own thoughts.

Be, Love, Illuminate,



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