Sometimes You Gotta Roar

I love my nephews! I got to start and finish my day yesterday with Mr. Trenton. I think its impossible to be anything but happy when he’s around. Him and Gavin show me how I want to be. To be a child is to be yourself. To be uninhibited and unaffected by judgement. To explore and live without fear. To not worry or think too much, but to just BE. To Be a kid. Coming home to him pouncing on Lulu because he’s a tiger and having her be a horse or him rolling into fits of innocent laughter is how we should all be. I want and I try to capture it all to store in my memory bank all these great moments and his pure spirit: wearing glasses, watching the Little Mermaid and have him tell me ‘Bwittany I scared of her (Ursula)’, of him laughing insistently without even touching him. Just everything, I want him to stay this whole and full of life forever. It seems we’re all too concerned what other are thinking or worrying about looking silly. We don’t want to roar and find our inner tiger because we’ll look ‘stupid’. Who cares!

Sometimes you’ve got to rear your head back and roar. Be yourself and look silly!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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