Pick Your Party

So I was having a glorious week last week and I had a phenomenal weekend, but there was a time on Friday when I had a moment. I got the invitation to this pity party. Normally I trash such invitations, but for some reason (I’m thinking my lack of sleep was really getting to me) I RSVPed to this one. When I got there I saw some old friends. There was my Ego and Fear, of course who was there with his girlfriend Excuses. Who was arguing with Worry, who was backed by Pity. There was Debbie Downer and Sadness. I mean this party was bumping with some heavy hitters in the Pity Party scene. For some reason I found myself here, but the crazy thing with my spiritual transformation, is my awareness and mindfulness. I could see myself having these negatives thoughts about myself, like I was disconnected from my body watching this party go down. I even thought ‘Brittany you are being such a brat, this is not you. This is not who you are, this is not how you think, nor how you view yourself. We love Brittany.” The party was quick and obviously a good one, as I soon blacked out and woke up rejuvenated with sleep and I eclipsed the prior days spurt of dismalness by going for a hike. The party erased, but Monday I found myself in the office at work with another invitation to a pity party. This time I did not take the bait. Fear, Ego these are not my friends and not how I wanted to be. My mom laughed when I told her this, “I could tell you were having a hell of a party on Friday.” Well it happens, but I sure as hell was going to learn my lesson and not let this take over. So today I have decided to throw my own party, in control of my guest. This time there is Love and Kindness, Inspiration, Adventure, Appreciation, and Beauty, just to name a few. When you have Love at your party, there is no way that Fear can be there, because they can’t stand to be in the same room together. So I realized I need to choose my company and party guest better. When the next invite comes for a pity party, I’m not even going to open it, but toss it in the trash immediately.

It’s your life and your party, choose your guest wisely!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



3 thoughts on “Pick Your Party

    • Thanks I was inspired by something I’d read by Dr. Dyer that has stayed with me: Anything that is love cannot be fear, and anything that is fear cannot be love. If we can find our way to stay in a space of love, then fear is an impossibility.

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