Closing the Gap

I’m going to take this lack of ability to sleep, as a sign to clear my head. Tossing and turning, I start to think about blogging. Originally this blog was created as my own journal of sorts; a visual way for me to track my thoughts and events in my life. Yesterday, though as I look at the updates on here and it says that I have more likes and followers than any other day on this site, I am kind of shocked, but pleased all the same. I don’t know how people find this site, but it hits me how wonderful blogging and bloggers are. In recent years I’ve come to view writing as an outlet for sorting through the thoughts racing through my head. Deep thoughts on life, of love, of what’s important, of fears. It helps me make sense of the world and myself. Sometimes I’ll write to remember an experience, a trip or a time when I was feeling immensely happy or even a time when I am displeased with my behavior. I can say whatever I like because it is mine. My voice. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for a year now, and this blog has helped me tremendously. I can look back and re-inspire myself by living in a moment when I was most happy. Even though it started out as something for me, it has turned into so much more. As people comment on here or when I click related articles and look at other peoples work and follow them, I close a gap. The world become smaller, as I connect with people, who think like me. Who are making their way through life and sorting through it all, just like me. There’s that undercurrent of what I’m always reading about. About this connectedness and oneness. As I look about other sources in my life I see this too. Like my Facebook feed or Pinterest or Twitter, they’re loaded with positive quotes and pictures. I do believe that we want to be better people. I know down to my core that that’s one of the things I want most. Every time I lay down at night the first thing I say myself on my list of I AM’s is that I am love. I think that deep down that is what we all want (even though we sometimes have a harder time sticking to this). Blogging and finding other bloggers, I have found a community of like-minded people, able to express this through beautiful words and photos. I’m so grateful for a place to freely express myself and my thoughts. To sort out life and remember. To be inspired and to be inspiring.

Speak your mind, strive to be Better, Connect and close the Gap. Thanks!

BE, Love, Illuminate,



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