Gaining Speed: Choose Your Mood

Rolling out of bed this morning, then attempting to leave my sister’s only to realize that the door wouldn’t open, I thought to myself: is it going to be one of those days? Awe, conditioned thinking. Breathe, don’t get flustered but change your thought. Well after a while it becomes evident that I was not meant to get out of the side door. I find myself in the car, ‘this is a funny mood I’m in.’ Not feeling or thinking much of anything in particular, I find myself at work without absolutely no clue what the day will bring. Slow to start, with an obstacle in my way, determining my own response to how I want this day to go, I begin to gradually make my way toward an awesome day. I pull in and see my uncle’s car, smile because I know his daughter is on her way. So first thing at work is a

Butt Lift class with my mom instructing and my uncle and cousin participating. As you can see from the picture it was very sweet, and I know it made uncle exponentially blissful to be exercising and spending time with his daughter. How I cherish being able to witness this (plus it’s quite interesting to watch a Butt Lift class). Next, Brennan strolls in. Before I know it our noon class begins to arrive and me and mom are in the gym running them through Butt Lift. We all giggle our way through shoulder wiggles, but we all feel and embrace the tightness of our behinds now. Of course Brennan can’t just come in and have a normal workout. Before I know it Mom is poised on a box help him into a handstand to do push-ups against the wall. Who this is normal behavior for I don’t know, but me and Brennan used to say we needed mom here for supervision; obviously we were wrong! The three of us are a lethal combination. Camera in hand I am ready to go. As you can see we were unsuccessful in completing the exercise, but I have to say we were winners in the fun category. Soon it is just me. I pod on the desk, music cranked I am again working on our website. In only 2 days I have completely recreated our website. Feeling proud of myself and in love with our new site, I get to do what I love and that is research and write health blogs for it. I complete a post on zumba, write one on community health (which fills me with so much passion for what I do and helping others, that I feel I may explode), and even complete posts for the next week. There is something so satisfying about completing so much work. Now I wait in trembling anticipation for zumba class in half an hour. Today my friend Chelsey is coming! An opportunity not only to dance and exercise with one of my best friends, but my mom, uncle, aunt and kick-ass clients. Thinking about all of this, in disbelief of how wonderful this day has become when it could have been a downer, I have to capture it.  To write and remember how much, again, I love life. It has gained so much speed I can’t even imagine how spectacular tonight will be now that my life has my undivided attention. Choose your day, don’t let something seemingly ‘shitty’ take over your whole day or mood.

Look, think, embrace and let life be Great.

BE, Love, Illuminate



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