Purity, Gratitude, and One Great Life

I’ve been trying to wrangle in my thoughts for a week now to write this post, but after talking it out with my mom I’ve realized how verbal communication is a great outlet for organization as well. I love weekends, I wish I could bottle them up and keep replaying them. It’s my most inspired time, and last weekend was no exception to the extraordinary life that I’ve created. Last weekend the connections were flying at me from everywhere, I was overwhelmed with feeling. Feelings of love and most strongly, of gratitude, to the point that I found myself crying. Crying not because I was sad, but because of how wonderful life is and how thankful I am for the people who I am about to discuss. I felt that electric current of life pulsating through me again, and it expressed itself in the form of beautiful tears. It seemed all weekend, as if I was meant to see love everywhere. No matter where I turned, there was someone I loved; it seemed like all the most important people found their way into my path last weekend. It started by sorting picture in my shed by myself. As I looked back at the great moments and exceptional people who I’ve known, it just strikes me: look at all you’ve already done, who’ve you known, all these experiences and opportunities you’ve had that are only getting better, do you see how blessed you are? It just continues and timing and occurrences seem to bring me to people at the right moment, or texts come to me when I most need them: I run into my cousin Trevor in time to meet his new girlfriend, I miss my water meter route so then I get to spend time on Sunday reading them with my grandmother, Tab sends me a ‘I love you’ text that is simple yet profound, Cam and Chelsey stop by to see my shed, I meet the Doctors and take a trip to the park with them to walk and chat (again the odd pairing cracks me up every time I think about it, but sitting in the backseat I think how lucky I am to be able to consult with two brilliant, yet inspired individuals), mom comes over to see my shed, we run into my cousin Sara in the driveway and chat, I get to meet my  client Robin for a walk around the East end and get to know her better, while walking we run into my uncle running and I get to talk with him, being close to my sister’s I stop by to see her and my munchkin nephews. Over and over again, the people I love kept materializing in my life. The one that sent me over the edge was my brother. While sorting through pictures I found one of my favorite pictures from Gavin’s first birthday. I tell my grandma and we talk about how we love it not only because Gavin seems to be the center of the world, but my grandpa is so Charlie and my brother, my brother is so happy. Cliff helps me revamp my shed on Saturday and we go mushroom hunting on Sunday. When I get back to my car I look at the pictures and again I am struck. He looks so happy, again. Think of the previous day when Trevor had called Cliff ‘an old soul’, but while talking with Robin it hits me that what I love most about Cliff and why this picture moved me so much, is that Cliff is pure. The most laid-back individual, nothing seems to get to him. He doesn’t judge others, or make me comments. He is himself, there’s no way to describe him ‘oh that’s just Cliff’. He seems to get along with children and animals so well, because he’s almost like a big-kid. He’s never really fallen into the societal conditioning or lost touch with his ‘true-self’ (The Shift by Dr Wayne Dyer, which is actually going to be airing on tv today is where I picked up this true-self). He’s like a child, because he’s remained pure. That’s why I’ve always felt this swelling love and protection over him, because I don’t want him to be tainted by others perception of him. Again, just writing and thinking of him, makes me choke up because I can’t even touch upon how much I love him or how wonderful he is (but again like I said before defining things is never as magical as the source). The cycle then repeats, because I feel so thankful that I get to realize this now, and that I can truly appreciate him because growing up individuals are always there and we sometimes take that for granted. Growing up he was my partner in crime, but now he’s an inspiration of how to be. To be childlike and pure, a beacon of light in a cloud of conditioning and ordinary. Him and all of these circumstances and people, fill me with life and love, so that I can come closer to becoming what Dr Dyer says in Wishes Fulfilled, that I AM God and I Am Love. Incandescently in love with life!

BE, Love, Illuminate,


Shots of my inspiring brother, Clifford James


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